“It has been a great experience renting an apartment at Dorchester Towers Apartment and I would like to thank Management and the entire crew at Dorchester Towers Apartment for providing excellent service. ”
– Maxwell S. – 5/8/21 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“It has been a fantastic 3 years - thank you for everything! We will miss Dorchester towers dearly!!! I will continue to always refer and recommend you all to those moving to Arlington.”
– Julie M. – 5/3/2021 – Excerpt from email

“Thanks for everything, the Dorchester Towers team is truly a blessing.”

– Pam B. – 3/30/2020 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for giving us the opportunity to live within the Dorchester Tower community. Since September 2018, it has been an incredible opportunity living here on the Pike and getting to know Penrose, Arlington, my neighbors, and the community as a whole.”
– Carl W. – 8/2/2019 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“I have been a tenant for about five years and my experience here has been wonderful.”
– Derek D. – 2/28/2018 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“We thoroughly enjoyed living in Dorchester Towers.”

– William L. & Jessica S. – 11/1/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“We are buying a house. Thank you for everything – we have loved living here!”

– Russel T. & Melinda R. – 8/30/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“Thanks again for the wonderful stay over the years!”

– Reeja V. – 8/8/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“Thank you for all your assistance and support over the last two years. We have enjoyed our stay in your residence.”

– James & Elizabeth S. – 7/11/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“I want to be upfront, and say that my experience living at Dorchester Towers has been superb. I can’t speak more highly of the staff and service that I have had the pleasure of working with. It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since we moved into our home; I am sad to leave.”

– Danny K. – 6/19/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“Thank you for providing excellent service and accommodation during the seven years in which we have lived in this building.”

– Stephan F. – 3/14/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“Overall, I am pleased with the quietness in my apartment, the convenience to the bus line, grocery shopping, stores and restaurants. I am also pleased with the maintenance response time and professional manner. I like the fact that this apartment is facing the pool, the tennis court and very much enjoy the view of the beautiful roses in the garden when in season. The party room is also another additional feature/option to use that DT offers.”

– Berekete D. – 1/6/2017 – Correspondence with Leasing Office


“I am truly grateful for the two years I’ve been with this great community.”

– Tesfom B. – 9/29/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I miss living there already. It was an overall great living experience and I really appreciate all the work you do to keep the rooftop garden and grounds so beautiful. Living in the city has its perks as well but I do miss living in Dorchester Towers and seeing all the friendly faces.”

– Melaina G. – 7/19/2016 – Correspondence with Leasing Office


“[sic] I and my family have lived in your property for more than 8 years and we would like to inform you that we had enjoyed our stay and would like to thank the management.”

– Lemma B. – 5/29/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice


“I really enjoyed your apartment complex and the management was always very helpful about everything.”

– Larysa N. – 3/31/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice